About Glow Putt Productions, LLC

Formed in 2002, Glow Putt Productions, LLC designs, builds, and operates indoor glow-in-the-dark miniature golf courses. In addition to the Arizona location, there are currently two independent Glow Putt Mini Golf stores in Hawaii and Ohio.

These GPP designs and proprietary Jungle-Safari theme garner rave reviews from all age groups and skill levels. GPP uses a unique golf ball that actually emits a sustained radiant glow after exposure to ultra violet light in our Custom Ball Chargers. The ball charging feature, along with our colorful, challenging and radiant indoor forest designs, are what set our mini-golf experience apart from all others.

Before becoming an independent Glow Putt Mini Golf operator, the process evolves through several stages. Let us make the process simple and easy for you. If you’re interested in additional information on how to become a Glow Putt Mini Golf independent operator, contact Jim Bertoncino or Gerry Houser.

Jim Bertoncino

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Gerry Houser

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